Why You Should Watch Black Clover Even Though it Sucks

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black clover anime review

If you keep up with ongoing anime at all, I’m sure you’ve heard of Black Clover by now. Yes, yes, the shounen with the screaming anime boy Asta who, in the first few episodes, is so incredibly obnoxious that it will turn even the most die-hard shounen fans away (me). And by die-hard shounen fan, I mean it, my top 5 anime of all time include 2-3 shounen series, depending on how you categorize them.

But hear me out.

I found myself continuing to watch it for some unknown reason. (Honestly it was the lack of ongoing shounen at the time but whatever). I didn’t realize it for awhile but there came a point where I stopped noticing the screaming, but looking back it’s because he calmed down a little and the screen time focused on him less. Eventually, the screaming is reduced to a minimum so if that’s your main reason for disliking it, it does become bearable!

Now to address the other main criticism; it’s a bare bones, cookie cutter shounen. For the first arc, yes. In fact in the first number of episodes, it’s so incredibly cookie cutter that all the characters except Asta and Yuno have a quirk or cliche that stops them from having any real personality. Yet I persisted because one of the reasons I like shounen is because it’s an easy, light-hearted thing to watch. There’s just something satisfying and enviable about a protagonist that bulldozes his way through life and never backing down even if he (albeit rarely) gets beaten. (Think Natsu, Naruto, Goku, Inuyasha, Deku, Yusuke, etc etc)

Now for the first 15 episodes or so, you’ll be wishing the series was about his cool headed kakkoii fellow orphan/childhood friend Yuno. Asta thinks once he’s gotten his grimoire that he’ll be shown to be ridiculously powerful after all, but instead it turns out he has absolutely zero magical power (very rare in this world). Yuno, on the other hand, gets the four leaf clover grimoire and is found to be so powerful that even as a peasant he gets invited to the most powerful magic knight group. Asta later acquires a very demonic looking grimoire that provides him heavy swords that he’s able to carry because he’s so physically strong.

About episode 15 and on, you start to find yourself enjoying it a bit. They’re in a dungeon and a pretty awesome battle is going on. But the main annoyance, to me at least, was Luck and how the supporting characters were still so 2D. They gave him a sort of ‘back story’ but it hardly gave him any depth. Still, Asta’s victory was something that kept me watching. At this point, I was in it for the long run.

But woah! Suddenly in the 30’s of episodes, shit suddenly hits the fan and it gets really epic. I wasn’t even expecting anything after such a crappy long series intro, even Fairy Tail’s was better with more character depth. But Black Clover suddenly ups the stakes, that shounen nakama camaraderie is plainly visible and characters are thickening. Intense battles happen and eventually, this is where Yami shows us he’s actually our freaking favorite.

At this point there’s been character back stories and suddenly this is starting to feel like a real decent series. Now I can’t make you like Asta, but I can promise you that just like other shounen series, it gives everyone a spotlight and the stage is shared. Even Vanessa, whom has spent the majority of the series so far as a Cana-like superficial alcoholic bikini clad girl, gets us to really see her background and grow to love her as, quite frankly, the most OP person in this show!

So while yes, Black Clover spends the first number of episodes sucking and grasping at the skeletons of the shounen genre and seems to be a factory made off brand, I promise you it does get pretty damn good.

Now if you don’t like shounen at all, well….guess I can’t help you there 😉

Tell me, have you seen Black Clover? Did you drop it like a hot potato or have you kept up? What’s your review of it?