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How to Get a Part Time Job in Japan

Japan / Jun 15, 2016 / 0 Comments

If you’re a student in Japan and aren’t lucky enough to have your way paid or, if you’re smart, had actually saved up enough money, then finding a part time job is a pressing issue. But do not fear! It’s a lot easier than you’d think but it just depends on you, your situation and how persistent you are. If you can’t speak Japanese, there are still a surprising amount of jobs you can still do but it’s mostly related to teaching English, which is fun and can pay well.

GaijinPot JobsThere’s mostly career jobs here but there’s a few part time jobs as well! I personally applied at Gaba, which is a large teaching chain, and was offered the job. They were lovely, the interview process was lovely, and I’ll probably make a post on it at a later date.

Craigslist: I was mostly looking at Craigslist ads which was actually really nice! There’s a lot of event or gig postings that you can do, voice acting, modeling, teaching a day or two, and plenty of part time teaching jobs. None of the acting/modeling jobs are going to make you famous or pay you much but it’s always a fun experience and a good way to put extra cash in your wallet on your days off. As for the teaching jobs, it’s where I found most of mine but I did get hired at small companies that basically never called me for teaching jobs because they just didn’t have any.

Your School/Friends/Connections: TUJ has some school sponsored jobs and have some job flyers they are given. There’s an intern board as well, if you’ve got enough credits and are ready for your intership, you’ll be happy to see some are paid! There’s a few on campus jobs but not many and TUJ will help you find a job after graduation. If you are a language school student, you’ll find most have at least a job board, if not part time job seeking services available to you.

Shibuya…Crossing?: This was a shocker to Andrew when he was trying to find his way one night. He was walking around Hachiko when all of a sudden…some people started coming up to him and asked if he would like to model! He was taken by surprise so he said no to the first two but got a business card for the others. He’s tall, slim and has brown curly hair so I’m guessing that’s what got some of them asking if he was already a model? Either way I was so happy!! He almost went to one but it was after we left so he couldn’t do it.


I’ll do a separate post on how to prepare for an interview but just know to dress up properly! Me and Andrew went out and bought suits at Uniqlo which was apparently unnecessary for every part time job we interviewed at, but our interviewers were very happy at least. Andrew got a serving job at a restaurant despite basically not knowing any Japanese, which was incredibly fun for him. You just have to show your enthusiasm and willingness to learn Japanese!

I hope this post helps you in your journey!