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Accounting+: A Trippy VR Experience from the Makers of Rick and Morty

Video Games / Feb 17, 2019 / 0 Comments

The VR experience has been brought in and out of the video game limelight for decades, but recently with the Oculus Rift, Vive, and PS VR it’s finally (arguably) starting to thrive. Some critics say it’s still too expensive and there are not enough full-sized games to justify paying that price.

Still, I couldn’t help myself when Christmas time rolled around and invested in a PS VR bundle. Andrew would’ve preferred an Oculus Rift, but we don’t have a gaming PC and are still probably going to wait another year to build one. After a few weeks of playing Beat Saber and the ever adorable Moss, Andrew wanted to buy “Accounting+”.

“Da fuq is that?” I eloquently asked.

If you’re a fan of Rick and Morty, you’ve probably seen the VR game experience. Accounting+ is by the same makers and unlike what the title name suggests, it is anything but mundane or boring.

I watched Andrew go from doing menial things at a desk while getting yelled at by Rick and Morty sounding voices (also if you do not like Rick and Morty humor you might not like this game, but you’ll definitely get judgement from me!) to suddenly be transported to an outside area with a white…thing yelling at you. It was mildly humorous, but I stopped paying attention after that. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from VR games, being the one to wear the goggles really makes the game most of the time.

Then I play, and oh my god. I was prepared for the funny, the weird, the possibly annoying, and maybe a little bit trippy, but it turned into such a trippy, creepy adventure that made me feel more creeped out than when I played the zombie shooter The Brookhaven Experiment.

If you don’t want any indication of what happens in the game, go play it before you read on!

There’s a lot of things to play with in the game and it gives you a decent feeling of freedom, at least until you realize there’s a linear line of tasks you need to do. What essentially happens in the game is you’re playing different VR games and you get to every world by putting on a new VR headset (within the game obviously).

Exhibit A shows the creepy guy the game has you slice open for a new VR headset and now you’re in a court case with a tiny defendant. I personally loved grabbing the bowl of poo and shoving it in the guys face before I murdered him. I’m cool like that.

That particular area is a little humorously morbid, but the actual creepy part comes at a plot twist where you find yourself in the room of the VR series maker. I won’t include a picture because it’s something you need to experience yourself. The biggest draw in VR games is the fact you are completely surrounded by the game and this in itself provides so many opportunities for different experiences. In a game like this and other horror games, you’re not quite sure what you’ll find when you look behind you!

In conclusion, if you like Rick and Morty play this game. If you thought the VR game of it could’ve been better, then you’ll find what you’re looking for in Accounting+ and then some! Overall, I highly recommend you play this at some point in your life!