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My Top 5 Long Running Anime Series

Anime / May 26, 2016 / 0 Comments

I feel like “favorite” animes tend to be longer series because the relationship with it is just that much longer. So I personally like to divide my favorite series based on long running and short running series, aka is it 200 episodes, or 24? I think my longer running series is also based on nostalgia and how much I love to buy their merchandise. Prince of Tennis pillows anyone??


#5 – Sailor Moon/Cardcaptor Sakura: So it’s probably insulting to group these two into one but I really can’t have them not go hand in hand. They were both my favorite mahou shoujo anime during my childhood, before I even knew what anime even was. They are both so beautiful and unique from one another. Sailor Moon is more about fighting for love and justice and CCS was a story about a sweet young girl fighting such a beautiful, fantastical battle. I have the most merch from both of these.


#4 – Gundam SEED {Destiny}: I get that Gundam SEED was the least “favorite” of all Gundam shows probably because it appealed to girls a lot more. But aside from FMA, it’s my most rewatched series to date; probably watched both seasons 3-4 times each. If you asked me my favorite character, I probably couldn’t tell you. Athrun’s the cutest and Lacus is so beyond cosplay-worthy but I feel like all the characters together make the story and I’m also such a nerd for the space battle jargon—GODFREY’S. FIRE!!!!!!!!!!


#3 – Fairy Tail: Still wonderfully ongoing, I started watching this series after all the others but could potentially be number one on this list, but I understand it’s got a lot of filler and predictable story line. But it so works for me!! LucyXNatsu are one of my all time favorite couples and GreyXJuvia are too! Fairy Tail is light hearted, fun, and can still somehow bring about emotions really fast due to their repeated bag pipe tunes. Seriously, it’s probably hypnosis but I don’t even mind.


#2 – Fullmetal Alchemist: Now this may be number two, but it’s number one in my anime recommendations list. Anyone that has never seen anime or that’s seen plenty of anime should watch this series. Girls that only like cutesy series, guys that only like violence, it doesn’t matter, it’s a story that everyone loves. There’s virtually no filler in my opinion and it can make you laugh as much as it can make you cry. I say this about the original series and the reboot, Brotherhood. Even the movie, Conqueror of Shamballa, which was not in the manga at all had me hooked. It’s so rare that I like something non-canon, especially spin off movies, but I watched that movie too many times to count. I am glad that I didn’t read the manga before I saw the first series, otherwise I probably would’ve been livid they changed the story line so much.


#1 – Prince of Tennis: WHY DO I LIKE THIS SERIES SO MUCH? I DON’T EVEN KNOW. I’m such Prince of Tennis fan trash and you all probably just lost respect for me, sticking this series at my number one spot. BUT I DON’T CARE, HAHAHA. But obviously I’m not the only one if this series is more than 200 episodes, movies, seasons and OVAs. It’s just simplistic, addicting, and even if the art style isn’t “bishounen” per se, the guys and their personalities are hunks. RyomaXSakuno ties the top spot for my favorite anime couple with SesshoumaruXRin (adult Rin you dumbass) and that couple dates back to my junior high days. One huge complaint I have to the company in charge: Your lack of merchandise makes me SICK. Just kidding, it just makes me sad. I’ve wanted a Ryoma figure that wasn’t chibi and I finally found one—when PoT Shin came out, with the new uniform (Fun fact: did you know the jersey designs were actually done by an American girl named Jamie? She has a blog and book detailing her time as an assistant to Konomi-sensei and I just ate up every word.) The creative/publishing world is a tough world, endless working hours for success, countless nights getting it done by the deadline, etc. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve been hesitant about the art world in general, but if it’s something you love and can spend hours on now, just wait until you actually get paid to do it!



~カリ Kari