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Harajuku/Fairy Kei Inspired Picks from my Closet!

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Asian Fashion / Jul 24, 2016 / 0 Comments

I wanted to show everyone some of my Harajuku/Fairy Kei inspired picks from my closet, some of which are actually from Harajuku and some from the Mall of America! I was so happy when I went to Harajuku and Akihabara for the first time. Suddenly all the frustrating years of dressing myself made sense; my fashion home was in Tokyo!


My first outfit is home-based. The donut shirt is from Zumiez, the pink tulle skirt is from Charlotte Russe and the incredibly adorable heels are from Guess, albeit discounted at Saks Off 5th! The purse (along with a matching wallet) are Betsey Johnson and I got it at DSW. My friend found the wallet at Burlington Coat Factory and surprised me with it (and also told me the purse was even more discounted there, OH WELL!)


The cute いただきます!shirt is from a stand at Anime Detour, the boots are Rose water perforated work boots from Dolls Kill, and the most wonderful pink skirt I got from Ikebukuro shopping district! It was my first outing with my new friends and it was honestly just an amazing day, I couldn’t wait to show Andrew on skype!


nya nya! にゃにゃ!


This pretty yellow dress holds some precious memories for me. I got it at Axes Femme and I wore it to meet Andrew at the airport after not seeing each other for a month and a half! The beret is Cardcaptor Sakura themed and I got it on Ebay. The knee highs are from DSW.


I choose YOU! Hah, hah! Are you as obsessed with Pokemon Go as I am? (and the rest of the world?) The first couple days it came out, me and Andrew were both working but it didn’t stop us from walking before and after work. We logged 25k steps for days and my legs honestly felt like they were going to fall off but I didn’t care!

Hope you enjoyed! What’s your favorite kind of Japanese fashion?? Do you wear it every day or just to conventions or the like? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂