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Introduction to My Life in Japan

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Hello everyone~~ nice to meet youuuuuu!! I’m Kari and I hope this is the first blog post of many to come where I’m able to entertain and share my information about Japan, anime, kawaii fashion and even art! Writing is something I’ve always wanted to do for a career so while I’m in the process of getting my bachelor’s degree, what better way to get experience than to start a killer ass blog? I intend to do a lot more with this than just personal stories, however, and will be doing some really diverse things with my personal twist! I spent 6 months of 2015 in Tokyo studying at Temple University (TUJ). We had to leave because of money reasons but we’re already saving up to go back (this time—more money.)

This blog will have:


Anything related to Japan (mostly Tokyo)


How to’s/tips and tricks (i.e. different schools & visas in Japan, live on a student budget in Tokyo etc)

Kawaii fashion, fan art, art tips blah blah blah


I’m pretty awful at doing introductions (my first informal introduction in Japan & I messed it up pretty hard. like thanks Japanese textbooks for teaching me formal introductions so I don’t know how to talk informally) so I’ll just throw some stuff out there.


I’m 23 and I’ve been married 3 years to, what I like to call, a male version of me but much louder and adorable. His name is Andrew and he’s super into Youtube, anime and Japan obviously. We’re both dorky and easy going (wait when did this turn into a dating ad?). I always wondered how I’d meet someone that was as crazy about Japan as I was, enough to move there anyways. (I grew up in a small town of 6k that NO ONE knew what anime was.) I’m an art major, love cats, am trying to learn the violin. I’m pretty into astrology (Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon!) I know not everyone is though so I won’t spam you with unwanted information (but if you ask, I’m so willing!) One big thing about Sagittarius is their love of freedom, culture, languages, and travel. Guilty as charged 🙂

I’m SUPER excited to share so much with you all and please stick with me as I find my writing voice! This blog has been long in the making and been all I can think about this past month!!

Until next time!!