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MetaCon 2016 Day Two!

Anime / Oct 9, 2016 / 0 Comments
juvia cosplay

Oh boy, my photoshoot was so fun!Β We went to a water fountain and it had a little pool area, so Juvia played in the water πŸ™‚ This post is extremely belated because I was waiting for the pictures and school kind of got in the way so here it is!Β I wanted to upload daily vlogs but we ended up having to run non-con related errands late last night and the buses only came every hour so we ended up not getting to the room until almost 2 am. I wanted to have a well rested Saturday, because the last few cons I never did and it completely killed my Saturdays, which is the most important day.

My Juvia cosplay was a hit and I had people stopping me for pictures often, it was really fun! There was a few booths with really awesome Fairy Kei stuff, so naturally I bought some and rocked it for the rave!



We may have also had some fun with silly string πŸ™‚

20160902_14212520160902_183031 20160902_193857 20160903_1453130Β juvia cosplay


I made a little room party for ma frands πŸ™‚

Photoshoot Photos!

karijuvia karijuvia-5 Juviacosplay1karijuvia-11Juviacosplay2 karijuvia-26

Thanks to Santrizos Photography!

There’s more on my Facebook page and I have a vlog up on myΒ youtube channel. Sorry for the break in posting but I’m back with plenty of content to post! πŸ™‚ See you soon!




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