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I Did a Black Hole Chan Cosplay!

AnimeUncategorized / May 8, 2019 / 0 Comments
karisenpaii black hole chan

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or just in general aren’t big into the meme culture, you’ll know about the famous first picture of a black hole…and how it got turned into a meme, and of course, Black Hole Chan cosplay!

Just like how Earth-chan and Internet Explorer-tan became a thing, (let’s not talk about Tide Pod-chan) we had to personify the Black Hole, because we’re all just a different subsection of furries, I guess.

@alicevirus on Twitter

Within hours of Black Hole photo released, fan artists personified it. The most recognized one (at least at the time) was from Twitter user @unkomoreso with over 30,000 likes and 8,400 retweets.

Fan art by Twitter user @unkomoreso

I saw all the cosplayers hop on these trend trains so fast and I’d always wanted to join them, but I never had the time or right materials.
But this time I was determined! I was going to do a Black Hole Chan cosplay! So I made a huge mess of the kitchen making planet cookies and set up my photoshoot area on the floor.

karisenpaii black hole chan
See more cos-shit like this over on my Instagram, @karisenpaii

That hopping-on-trends stuff is no joke, it honestly took most the day to do. But it was met with a lot of sweet comments!! I immediately posted it on Twitter and the original artist retweeted it 🙂

I also posted it on my favorite anime meme shit post group, “acen” on Facebook. Join if you’re in the area or go to Acen, it’s hilarious.

I wont spam this with the comments, but some of them were pretty funny. Full Disclosure: I completely Photoshopped my eyes, I’m not wearing Sclera lenses at all. I was honestly really worried it’d look fake and obvious. The first thing I thought of before I started the project was that if I couldn’t Photoshop my eyes right, it didn’t matter how good it looked.

Luckily everyone thought I actually was wearing them! There were only 2 cosplays the morning I decided to do it (like not even 24 hours after the art went viral) and by the time I was done there were a few more, but Jessica Nigri’s didn’t get posted until recently so I’m not too upset ;D Hers was freaking bomb as usual.

Anyways, sorry this is just a post of me rambling about a stupid cosplay, haha! I want to post regularly on this blog, but sometimes I set my expectations of a blog post too high and I end up not posting anything. Let me know if you liked this sort of post, if you didn’t, or would prefer something more of a step-by-step/tutorial sorta thing.

Cosplay on!
じゃあね !



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