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Harajuku Cafe: Honey Mi Honey

· A heavenly sweet cafe ·

Japan / Aug 1, 2016 / 0 Comments

Honey Mi Honey is situated half a mile off of Takeshita Dori in Harajuku. It’s the sweetest little cafe that’s nestled in a simplistically gorgeous boutique on the second floor of a building. It was one hot day in Harajuku where me and Andrew just finished a job interview for me. I wanted to finally experience a cat cafe and we tracked one down; it was closed. It was a bummer and our feet were very tired so we trekked back towards Harajuku station when I saw a cute little sign. I noted that they even had quite a few organic drinks on the menu!


I think somewhere it said ‘tuna melt’ and my tummy grumbled, I just had to have one! We wandered up the stairs and to the cafe bar that was to the left, taking note of the clothes on the right. We browsed the cute menus, ordered, and were ushered into the right all glass room that was separated from the boutique.


The picture doesn’t include the white curtains that were there during our visit. They played really soft American music as most trendy cafes in Tokyo do, and our iced caramel lattes came out swiftly. The windows were open and the curtains gently swayed against my arm as I nestled into Andrew on the couch side of the table, in the far right corner. It was such an ethereal moment.


I didn’t get a pictured of my tuna melt but it was truly delicious. Honey Mi Honey is known for their sweets however, and this dessert looks wonderfully delicious! I did get an Instagram video of the moment and I think it speaks for itself.

I had been to a few cafes up until this point but maybe none made me want to immortalize them more than this little gem, Honey Mi Honey. It rejuvenated us after a long day and the cafe attendants were very sweet. I remember us all laughing at some joke, lost to history now.

Writing this is very sweet and also a little sad, I miss all my memories very much. I hope to see you soon, Japan~