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Attack on Titan Final Season, Big Hit?

Anime / Dec 17, 2020 / 0 Comments

Attack on Titan Final Season is here. I’ve waited so long, as most of you have as well. I watched season 1 as it came out, episode by episode, and really enjoyed every season. Some dropped it during the middle seasons and while yes, it got very dialogue/politics heavy, it still was riveting to me and I knew it was just world building until it punched you in the face.

As everyone predicted, episode one caused such a crash on all platforms and it quickly became My Anime List’s biggest premiere ever. The first season aired spring 2013 so it’s understandable that it’s so long awaited.

If you’re reading this you’ve probably already watched the episodes, but I won’t spoil anything in this article. I always put big spoiler warnings if I’m going to.


Reiner’s scene where he talks about his time on the “devil’s island” was so pure genius. From the second he said, “Yes I can talk about it.” I knew it was gonna be some manner of gold. Each sentence I was like, “oh? …ohh??” and it was so funny in contrast to his serious face. I replayed it yesterday and I want to hear what others think of the scene, but I really would like to avoid manga spoilers as I have not read them! Attack on Titan final season is proving to be really amazing so far and we haven’t even seen our beloved characters yet.

What’s funny is, probably because I replayed the scene yesterday, I had a dream of it last night.

It was hilarious.

Basically at some point they were taking a breather in the middle of a battle and Reiner was sobbing uncontrollably on Eren’s leg. I shit you not, in my dream he said, “I don’t expect you to forgive me, but if I could just be by your side the rest of my life that would be enough.” Excuse my poor blog post writing formality but LMAOOOO!

Apparently my sleeping brain is an Eren/Reiner shipper???

Anyway, I won’t drag this on too long and no, this isn’t a complete review of the first two episodes. But I will probably do a more formal review halfway through Attack on Titan final season and at the end! I’m finally graduated from university and I’m on furlough because of government restrictions. So if you want me to write more, please check out another article on my site ^.^ My traffic is growing and it motivates me to write more.