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Daisho Con 2018: The Verdict

Anime / Nov 24, 2018 / 0 Comments
Hero Academia BNHA Swim at Daisho Con 2018


Daisho Con 2018 was even more splash-tacular than last year when we (appropriately) named it Daisho no Hero Academia. This year was version 2.0 as we aided in doing our own BNHA swim photoshoot! (Photos by Thomas James) I think a huge selling point of Daisho Con aside from the con itself is the waterpark, resort location, and being able to do SWIM COSPLAYS!

But don’t let that make you think Daisho Con itself is lacking; it’s gone up from 1,500 attendees in 2011, to 4,500 in 2015, and the official stats for 2018 aren’t out yet, but they are widening the con area because of the growth. It’s a really cheap con for what it is, if you preorder your tickets before the first date it’s $35 and $50 at the door for the weekend. The real cost comes from the hotel rooms, but because it’s a resort most of the rooms hold 4-8 people and include free waterpark passes! The best part in the waterpark is the outdoor hot tub area, multi-colored lights and someone usually brings a speaker to play music. There’s a 21+ side that’s connected to a bar with delicious and large resort daiquiris and a non 21+ side. Unfortunately, I went late Saturday night and not only had to wait almost 30 minutes for my drink in a packed bar, but people held their oversized frozen drinks in the water and turned it lukewarm. The hot tub outside was only slightly warmer and was so packed I had to push my way through (which is a lot harder in water than on dry land haha!). Still, I had such a good time and loved it, I just wish it was a bigger area.


Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Cosplay Group

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Group Cosplay (Photo by me)


Now for my opinion on Daisho Con 2018 itself: exciting, VERY fun, and slightly more organized than other cons. Now anyone reading that went and had to wait in a long line might disagree, but there are reasons for both the registration line and the rave line. The website was down for almost 2 months and really backed up registration, and I’d advise absolutely everyone to normally pre-order your registration. They also have grown at an exponential rate in the past 7 years which is something Minnesota cons can’t say. This is probably very difficult for the staff to keep well organized, but they do such a good job. The rave line is something that happens to most cons and the bigger the con, the bigger the line. Because it’s ‘the thing to do’ Saturday night everyone’s there and eager. My advice: Chill in your room and have fun playing CAH with your friends until the rave line gets shorter around midnight on.


Olivia Asobi Asobase Cosplay OP

My Olivia Asobi Asobase OP Cosplay (Photo by Anna, edit by me)

My absolute favorite part about Daisho Con, aside from the waterpark, is what they offer in creativity and fun. They have a Nerf Arena, foam fighting, art room, manga library, Drag Show, and an AMV contest. Oh did I mention they have VR in the game room!? The wait wasn’t even much at times and it was a blast! Unfortunately I had glasses on at the time and since mine are so large, it didn’t work very well. I recommend wearing contacts if you can. Daisho Con is also host to a Burlesque panel and also often has really amazing guests. My favorite guest was ProZD the Youtuber, whom Andrew and I watch regularly as well as my friends (which quickly convinced all of us to go this year). His panels were a blast and I especially liked the I Rate Your Waifus and Husbandos one, haha!

The eating area in Daisho are abundant, one cafe has anime inspired cupcakes and cookies, another has ice cream which is wonderful enough as it is. The arcade is phenomenally fun, thee place for pictures, and yet somehow I have not actually gotten a chance to play any of the games or rides because there’s just so much to do. On top of everything, there’s also an AMC movie theater connected to the resort and they played a late showing of the new Fantastic Beasts movie for free for 100 some attendees. We chose to go the next day and pay because we didn’t want to wait in line, but I love being able to sit and relax in a theater when you need a couple hours rest but can’t settle down enough for a nap.

So the Daisho Con 2018 verdict? A definite you-should-go-next-year! It has a little bit of everything and, at least for the time being, it’s a smaller con so you don’t have to deal with large con problems as much. It’s a little rough around the edges if you don’t register and expect to be first in line for things, but otherwise has plenty of things to do if you’re not impressed by the panels or guests.

Another reason to go to Daisho Con is it’s in November and if you live in the Midwest there’s not too many good cons until spring time. So get your nerd in while you can!

Here is my Daisho Con CMV (it’s short but I promise I’ll get better haha)

Vlog coming soon!