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The Week Before MetaCon 2016 Anime Convention!

AnimeAsian Fashion / Aug 29, 2016 / 1 Comments

It’s a week before MetaCon 2016 and the pre-con excitement has started! There’s a funny mindset every cosplayer has that says, “Oh! A week! I have 7 days to finish my cosplay, that’s plenty of time!” And they don’t factor in that it’s the second week of school, they still need some supplies, and their budget isn’t endless. I love art and creating, so making most of my cosplay is a personal goal of mine but I had originally started making my cosplays because I actually thought it’d be cheaper. It definitely is if you’re going as a character with elaborate costume and props, generally they can get as high as $300-500 for DECENT cosplay. A regular, simpler cosplay like Lucy Heartfilia is most like $100 or so. I’m surprised yet again for this convention that I didn’t choose to cosplay Lucy, she’s one of my favorite characters because I’m such a Natsu x Lucy fan ;D

Instead I chose another Fairy Tail babe….

dun dun duunnnnn!


(During the Grand Magic Games)


I’ve honestly become obsessed with her and Gray’s relationship too and she’s just so cute! I couldn’t decide between this outfit and the one directly after, I hope someday I do both. But next con (Anime Detour) I’ll definitely be Lucy!

I also have a photoshoot booked, so stay tuned for really cool pictures!


My wig is from Arda Wigs, it’s a Luthien Classic in Denim Blue. I’m picky about color exactness, which is really annoying when it comes to Fairy Tail because Juvia’s hair color changes too much. In some episodes it’s really bright blue, others it’s a lot like the wig I bought. Arda’s denim blue is honestly the only color like it I could find, I almost risked getting another wig somewhere else but it would’ve been a much different color and there was a chance it wouldn’t come on time. Arda is fast, high quality and their long, curly wigs are $40. I bought Louise’s wig from them too, but only after I had bought a cheap one that never came. It was a close call!

I also got black contacts from Uniqso, I know Juvia’s eyes aren’t black but I needed something that was darker and gave off a very solid color feel. I’ll be wearing my usual Stella eyelashes from them as well (Pointed 5119). I wanted to get another pair because I don’t take very good care of mine, but they’re sturdy and have lasted so many wears!



I started school last week and am learning to juggle everything, but there will be more posts than normal these next couple weeks! I went to the annual Japanese Obon festival (lantern lighting) and it was a gem as always, but this year was much bigger and I went with some lovely ladies! I will be vlogging daily and uploading each night, as well as doing a con music video. In fact, I have quite a few videos planned as well as some fun blog posts, so stay tuned!

As far as my progress on my Juvia cosplay, I have the dress part done. There’s been ups and downs, but I’m primarily really happy with it! I had originally planned on doing the other Grand Magic Games dress which was much more blue, so I had blue in my head…and bought a dark blue fabric instead of black. I’ve seen dark blue for this outfit on some cosplays, so I’m not too upset but the skirt part of the dress isn’t perfect either, ha ha. I have thigh highs boots thanks to an incredible shoe sale at Charlotte Russe and I haven’t start on the hat.

There’s a couple other things planned as well, but I’ll leave those to a later post. MetaCon is probably one of the smaller cons but me and my friends are still very excited for cosplay and booze!


Although the first half of my week will be school work heavy, I am having late night sewing sessions with my friends to assure its completion. Check back in a couple days for an update!

Do you cosplay?