My Best Art/Fanart

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I’ve been drawing since I was young but mainly drawing manga since 7th grade. You’d think with all that time I’d be a lot farther in my ability but I mostly drew in boring high school classes and after I graduated, I just felt a little lost and stopped doing much art. It made me really rusty but I’ve recently begun drawing more regularly. Honestly I love drawing and I can draw for hours when I get into it but I get super discouraged if it turns out looking like shit and it just kills me! I also have too many projects going on and started working but theoretically I’d like to draw at least an hour every day.


Beatrice from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. I call this “Remorse” (cuz I totally name all my art–not) but I thought I wanted to show her showing human emotions.



I LOVE MERMAIDS!! I drew the tail based off of a real, $3,000 mermaid tail I got to wear and swim in. Leave it up to some random mom at the party to take crappy pictures though 🙁

NatsuLucyKissFINISH KarisPhotomontage