Hiyaa ❤ I'm Kari, I cover anime cons, general nerd news, Japan travel and more!

So a bit about me: I spent most my life in Minnesota, where I am now until I graduate. It’s way too freaking cold to live here so it’s either California or Japan, and well, we chose Japan. Who’s we? Why, it’s my husband, Andrew, and me! 🙂 We have two precious kitties, JJ and Jpeg and the only thing we love doing more than nerding out is nerding out at anime conventions.

I lived in Tokyo for 6 months in 2015, went back for a month in 2018 and will be doing another 3 weeks in August 2019! The cons I generally frequent are Anime Detour, Sakura Con, ACEN, and Daisho Con. Sometimes I pop at smaller ones and events just so I can cosplay 🙂

Speaking of which, here’s a few of my cosplays! I’m really active on Instagram @karisenpaii

And two long trips to Tokyo don’t disappoint in pictures, so of course here’s some of my time there!!