Joker Joins Super Smash Brothers Ultimate!! (Persona 5)

Video Games / Dec 8, 2018 / 0 Comments

I here Andrew screaming in the bedroom while watching the Game Awards (which admittedly I should’ve watched too but I’ve been doing Vlogmas 2018!

He comes in and starts showing me the video and honestly at first I thought it was a new video game, buuut Joker joining Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is amazing, too!

For real though, I’m STOKED! Who’s playing SSBU right now? We played until way too late last night. Normally I’m amazing at fighting games but SSB has always been difficult for me, partly because I’m PS4 fan and I always end up mixing up the controls. Still though, it’s the best game to play at anime conventions for sure.

One day it’d be a dream to go to events like E3 and the Game Awards. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through Youtube. And videos on how Joker joins Super Smash Brothers Ultimate!!

“You’ll never see it coming!”

No. No we did not! 😀