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Happy MetaCon 2016 Day One!

AnimeAsian Fashion / Sep 2, 2016 / 0 Comments

Good morning fellow anime lovers! Today marks the first day of MetaCon 2016! While it may be a smaller con with no more than a 3-4k goers, if that, it’s still a time and a place where anime fans go and have a joyous time~

I’ve gone 2 or 3 times now, as well as to AniMinneapolis run by the same people, and they’re fun cons! Anime Detour is by far the best, but it’s a wonderful time 🙂 It’s 9:45 as I’m writing this and we have to get going to Kmart to get cat litter and a hot glue gun—I’m the stereotypical cosplayer. Uses hot glue at the last minute because she spent two nights in a row just watching Pretty Little Liars.


This is my first (and only) make up test, I’ll probably do it a little differently today. The lenses are from Uniqso and the wig is from Arda wigs.



I like how it turned out but I can’t tell if it makes my eyes look bigger, smaller, more like Juvia or just generic make up.


Aaaaaand here’s my hat! And my DIY Fairy Tail mani-pedi, haha.

So I hope to vlog and post everyday over on my Youtube channel 

Happy Conning! ha.





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