Best Blue Contacts for Cosplay and Costumes

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So you got your cosplay. You got your wig. Your shoes. You throw it all together and it looks awesome — but you want to take it a step further! While colored contacts aren’t an absolute necessity for cosplay, I think it adds a finishing touch that really brings the look to life and makes it more fantastical.

The main question I see people asking is where is a reputable source to get colored contacts for cosplay? The ‘main sites’ would be Honey Color and Uniqso. Some sites require you to show proof of your prescription, which includes your eye measurements (so yes, even if you do not need corrected vision it still applies) but Uniqso doesn’t. This doesn’t mean Uniqso is shadier than other sites, in fact most of them didn’t require prescriptions until last year.

Uniqso colored contacts
Uniqso always sends in such cute packaging!

They all sell more or less the same brands, but I’m partial to Uniqso because of their easy rewards system. I hadn’t used mine in a while, so I applied it to this purchase and got $10 off.

Uniqso blue colored contacts
Always soak your contacts in solution before wearing!

Now — onto the point of this post! The best blue contacts for cosplay would be Dolly Eye Blytheye Blue. Unless a character has specifically dark, dark blue eyes (i.e. Juvia from Fairy Tail) I will go with these because they pop so well. I’ve ordered ones without a dark rim around them and…they were cute! But the eye enlargening part of them was a bit lost and the color just fades out a bit so I wouldn’t recommend it for most cosplays.

best blue contacts for cosplay

Now, I have to mention the lighting I was dealing with wasn’t the brightest so these pictures could stand to be a little higher res. But yet you still see the color so well! I recommend these or the EOS brand, they are usually the highest reviewed and most known for piercing through dark eyes.

This is in fluorescent lighting and it still is so blue!

Aaaand there you have it! Best blue contacts for cosplay and costumes, at least in my humble opinion 🙂 Stick around for more cosplay tips and rando otaku nonsense! Also if you’re curious on how to survive group cosplays, check out my tips!


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